Joshua Monah

I formed JOASH AFRICA WILDERNESS INSIGHT LTD in 2017, after many years of guiding safaris with other safari companies. I felt would have more freedom to fulfill my guests’ dreams if i struck out on my own. I chose the name JOASH AFRICA WILDERNESS INSIGHT LTD, because i truly love watching wildlife in their native habitat.

The national parks here are relatively untouched by man,maintaining the beauty of the natural setting. I take great pleasure in bringing people to places where they can observe nature at its best, where they feel almost invisible in the fabric of the wildlife, immersed in the flora and fauna unfolding before them.

  • See around 100 shows per year

  • Love sharing my knowledge with people from around the world

  • Have performed Off-Broadway with an Oscar nominee

  • Know the theatre business from every angle

  • Know the theatre business from every angle