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      Joshua is an absolutely phenomenal safari guide and helped me and my friends gain and unforgettable experience through Tanzania. He guided us through the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater amongst many... read more


      Where do I start!! Joshua is honestly the most knowledgeable person I have come to know! We had crossed paths while with a group in Africa. While on his tour... read more

    Bryanna H

      So happy to hear Joshua has his own safari company now. Known him from when he was our guide with another outfitter. He really made the trip. ... read more


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Lona Nielsen

Calgary, Canada


My sister and I and our two husbands went on a week long Safari with Joshua in the Serengeti and surrounding areas. Joshua was professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to deliver the kind of experience we wished for. It was more than just a sight seeing trip. He gave us insight in the animals’ behaviour like I have not experienced before. From wild excitement during a crossing to the tenderness of a mama lioness suckling her cubs or listening to the night sounds next to a roaring campfire with a favourite beverage in hand. Loved it and will be back.

Nov 20, 2016


Megan R

New York, USA


I knew my trip to Africa would be the trip of a lifetime, but I really had no idea how incredible it would be. Joshua put us at ease right away with his broad smile and gentle nature, but what really impressed us was his vast knowledge. He knew the name of every plant, every animal, every bird… and where to find them! He could sense when something was about to happen. From early morning game drives and box lunches in the bush to evening cocktails and songs around the fire, this is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. 


Mary Lee

Columbus, Ohio


Joshua Monah, the guide for my Tanzania safari, has just posted a website for his new safari tours company, and I’d like to share it with everyone I know. This was my favorite vacation by far, and it was because of JOSH! He is a delightful guide who has an unbelievable knowledge of Tanzania and African animals. I recommend his tours highly to anyone thinking of going on safari. Tanzania has a truly amazing amount and variety of wildlife, and having Josh by our side made it a once-in-a-lifetime trip! I think back on those memories all the time. Congratulations, Josh!


Mathilde Mugica

Mexico City, Mexico


All my life I had the dream of going to Africa. In 2011 I went for the first time. I had the good fortune of having JOSHUA MONAH as my guide. Knowledgeable, patient and with a wonderful smile always. Joshua is a guide that knows how to make you feel comfortable, always keen to see what you need and how to make things even better. Magically the car was always clean and ready, full of gas, the fridge had our favorite drinks and he always went the extra mile to us make happy and always safe. 

He is a very experienced guide, finds the best spots and will look for what you want to see until he finds it. 
Tanzania is a wonderful destination so rich with wildlife and wonderful people. I do not hesitate to give Joshua thumbs up and I hope I get to travel with him again as my guide and be in charge of all the logistics.

 — with Joshua W Monah.

Gail Ann Gettler

Gail Ann Gettler

Bozeman, Montana


Joshua is a GREAT guide! Our family has been on safari with Joshua on all of our visits to Tanzania. We traveled with Joshua to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara, Tarangire National Park, Arusha National Park and as he guided us around the city of Arusha. He is extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife, including the hundreds of bird species. We always felt safe with him and could rely on him. We also have met his family and have been to his home. Joshua is one-of-a-kind. I can recommend him for any and all tours.  Apr 18, 2017


Tanzania Culture

Explore Tanzania Cultural Activities

Tanzania’s people are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth with diverse and unique cultures ready to be shared with visitors. It is a rewarding experience to leave your 4X4 vehicle behind and walk through scenic local resident villages with greatest Cultural landscapes in Africa.

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